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The Tianlong Hotel (Tianlong Fandian) is located on Huangsi Avenue in Dongcheng District,  close to the Liumeng Park.     This Beijing hotel's Chinese restaurant has six private dining rooms,  and mainly serves Dongbei dishes in addition to seafood.     To conduct events,  guests are invited to make full use of the business center,  a reception hall and the multifunction hall on the first floor.
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住客评论 92条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • wwmmmm
    Left the place, location, big room, slightly older
  • dwb337
    Environment is quiet, facilities, room service, very friendly at the front desk, ten minutes ' walk from Line 8 line anhua Bridge station, surrounded by a few home, but managed to solve her belly.
  • x687877
    Environment, access to a section of road travel, not particularly easy, but because it is near a troop yard, quiet, hotels should be earlier before, is not bad, is a bit old now, but the maintenance of good, clean, great hotel!
  • dodogoo
    Complimentary upgrade complete rounds but left behind the headset not found only to Apple bought a pair
  • dongdoa
    There are three parks around, Nice ... but obviously the hotel is renovated or remodeled and built older facilities, the taste is not so good, water is still cloudy. in sum's worth the price
  • lealyjin
    Floor looks bad, room in General can also
  • bjwda
    Very good
  • doudou9623
    That's good
  • lovedavid
    Well, every time I have chosen Dragon
  • louisecoe
    Environment, Liu Yin, opposite the Park, in a quiet, leisure, and fitness. New renovated room, very good, but a little. All in all, not bad, next to Beijing and stay here.
  • bo628
    To tell you the truth, in addition to outside the premise of service satisfaction, other will be satisfactory. sheets haven't been washed clean, next to construction noise.
  • fangben27
    Most failed of once reservation. to hospital doctor, wants to find a quiet of temporary homes, only high select has this hotel. but backfired, midnight 11, 12 points downstairs also in construction, full ear of shovel harsh of voice. find front desk, said is next door, let alarm, actually said only inside! forget, asking than seeking has been! 110, environmental hotline, Chengguan hotline dial has a again, 12 points more has finally stopped has. second days early 6 o'clock up, mixed heavy of check out, actually also didn'tInvoice ... have never been so many words go, away for free.
  • beautifulloser
    Facilities in some old, and helpful staff.
  • SD Yaya
    Each trip, choose
  • yuwai
    Which is very nice
  • malaoda
    Had agreed electronic Mahjong table, the results become manual is especially not satisfied with special! good!
  • onelina
    Comfortable, room service very, very new, highly praised, forgotten photographs, Taoist blue Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
  • allan12
    All right
  • gaoxiewei
    Read the reviews before I feel is your room no smell, window screens and didn't see the mosquitoes, warm service, cost-effective. 200 m eat inside the store a little less
  • Amelia1985
    Clean, elegant, good service attitude, the room is pretty large space. must visit next time.
  • llmymint
    Very good booking Oh! must come to live next time! the newly renovated! bath is very good Oh!
  • d00744021
    New facilities, across from the Park, super clean, very quiet, and hotel ... very convenient!
  • Anne0620
    Advantages; facilities new, room enough big. shortcomings; room has odor, water has impurities. advantages; facilities new, room enough big. shortcomings; room has odor, water has impurities. advantages; facilities new, room enough big. shortcomings; room has odor, water has impurities. advantages; facilities new, room enough big. shortcomings; room has odor, water has impurities.
  • cloud8000
  • edjing
    Border the week well, quiet
  • ANITA_920
    Quiet clean
  • dawei011011
    Around the two parks, secluded, you can stay there again.
  • DavidLite
    The quiet around the hotel, the room spacious and bright reception a tall beauty warm, thoughtful service
  • luolei0662
    Is good, cost-effective! next time!
  • cjy193
    New hotel, is undertaking large-scale meeting of the day, but we fit no snub, Zambia?
  • lolitacon
    Four star level is excellent
  • dandan9587
    Room big enough bed only outlet is the device it? no other environmental health service is very good
  • e00465479
    Environmental health is very good, service very good. live very comfortable.
  • Carolmeng
    1. new decoration of that unit taste is strongly, just staying that several hours too tough has, in inside stay time long has on heard so much about and not know its smelly has. 2. toilet didn't clean clean, toilet that a circle Shang has yellow drops-like stains, estimated is urine liquid. himself took disinfection tissue wipe has several again. 3. front desk business enough skilled, handle staying of when modified to modified to do has is long. to room didn't long, call said let we down to we for other room, asked its reasons is said now thisRoom [bad]. phone is my sister, she hung up after the tell me, front desk said the room is not good, I don't see what's wrong with ... What is wrong? I'm afraid, this room is there any problem? is a ghost ... Haha ... My sister was afraid of ghost stories, never not listen. Hotel ghost stories and high density areas, believe it would be easy to let her imagination would take. and then on his way to the front desk, has been talking, people at the front desk in the measuresWords need to be improved. How can you use the word bad. it should be said that free upgrade us to a different room, or the room near the elevator, corridor is very noisy, and so on. No problem. overall was worth staying for. have the opportunity to also consider staying. only worry hope room can quickly dissipate. otherwise, so long as the room is bad for your health.
  • wsfeifei
    In areas like Beijing and overall value for money, three to four levels, the surrounding environment in a quiet, convenient, more complete hardware facilities, service very good. is insufficient room carpet old, central air-conditioning without turning.
  • luyou
    Good location, price and service!
  • e00772127
    General environment, cost-effective service.
  • lori0823
    Bang Bang da again back stay.
  • dancewater00
    In the static, there are two nearby parks, Park Gate has two restaurants, produced good environment. services tell a girl as fresh! equipment was old, but cost-effective.
  • lyyscs
    Quiet environment
  • imogenxiao
    Good night opposite the Park can go for a walk after dinner ... very quiet around, room facilities, a health ... great service, is to buy an airplane ticket tickets without, it is not convenient ... recommended hotel.
  • e01313666
    Nice rooms, and parking less convenient
  • e02513081
    Hotel is good, a little bit hard to find other good
  • colin8131
    Around the quiet, quiet. health can, quite satisfactory.
  • e00215230
    No pick
  • pan5341
    Although have the old facilities, but the room is very large, the surrounding environment good
  • missfay
    Also, nearby landscape, bed good
  • lgrace
    A good choice
  • xpjl518
    Environment, traffic can also, near to eat too much.
  • e02152659
    Hotel hot yellow, that was disgusting, all good